Auction Rules

Auction Rules

  1. Napolyon Auction is an auction company.

  2. Napolyon Auction sells third-party products through the method of open bidding. In a written auction, two individuals cannot bid the same amount for the same item. The highest bidder is entitled to purchase the item. If only one person bids on an item, they acquire the item at the starting price. If there are multiple bidders, the highest bidder has the right to purchase the item at the end of the bidding period by adding their bid according to the incremental bidding steps below. The prices listed in this catalog are starting prices. Items will not be sold below the starting prices.

  3. The commission fee may vary for each auction.

  4. The listed items in the auction can be examined by visiting our address provided in the contact section of our website Napolyon Auction is not responsible for any discrepancies between the description of the item and its legal status. All visual materials such as photographs are for guidance purposes only. It is the buyer's responsibility to personally view and assess the authentic color, tone, and condition of the items. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that they are obliged to thoroughly examine the artwork before the auction, assess its qualities and condition, and verify if it matches the description. The buyer does not have the right to reexamine the purchased item after the sale and, within this context, waives the provisions specified in Article 223 of the Law of Obligations. The information provided for the description of the items in the auction catalog is not binding and is of a general nature.

  5. Bids placed in the auction are recorded, and in order to cancel them, information must be provided to us before the auction.

  6. For new membership bids of 5 items or more than 500 liras, the member must provide a reference. If the reference is deemed insufficient, Napolyon Auction has the right to cancel all bids. The acceptance of bids given by members is at the discretion of Napolyon Auction.

  7. Items for which payment is not made within 7 days will be canceled. In the event of repeated occurrences, membership will be canceled. If this negative behavior occurs with different memberships, Napolyon Auction will initiate legal proceedings through its attorneys.

  8. Ownership of a lot will be transferred to the buyer only after the full payment has been made.

  9. Bidders are advised to enter the highest limit. The highest bid given by a member does not necessarily have to be the final amount. According to the automatic bid increment system, a bid from another member at a lower amount follows the bid placed. If the bid given by a member is surpassed, the member will be notified via email.

  10. Price increments for products are as follows:

  1. From 1 TL to 10 TL - 1 TL
  2. From 10 TL to 100 TL - 5 TL
  3. From 100 TL to 250 TL - 10 TL
  4. From 250 TL to 500 TL - 25 TL
  5. From 500 TL to 1,000 TL - 50 TL
  6. From 1,000 TL to 5,000 TL - 100 TL
  7. From 5,000 TL to 10,000 TL - 250 TL
  8. 10,000 TL and above - 500 TL
  1. Our auctions are conducted exclusively online. Additional live auctions held at hotels will be announced on our website. The starting and ending dates of the auctions are specified. To participate in online auctions, it is mandatory to register at Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to register or participate in the auctions.

  2. Invoices for the purchased items at the auction will be issued in the name of the Buyer stated in the auction participation agreement. If the invoice is requested to be issued in the name of another person or company, the Buyer stated in the auction participation agreement must submit a written request to the Company. The Company has the right to reject such a request. Even if the Company accepts the request, if the payment for the purchased item(s) is not made by the person specified by the Buyer on time, the Buyer stated in the auction participation agreement is responsible for paying the full amount of the purchased item(s), as well as the storage fees specified in Article 7 and all other expenses incurred by the Company in relation to the purchased item(s).

  3. The Buyer declares and acknowledges that the address specified in the auction participation agreement is their legal notification address, and the provided telephone, fax numbers, and email address are currently in use, valid, and up-to-date. The Company may make notifications to the Buyer by sending written notices to the postal address or through electronic communication channels such as telephone, SMS, email, and registered phone. The Buyer agrees and undertakes that any changes in address, telephone, fax numbers, or email address must be notified to Napolyon Mezat in writing. If the Buyer fails to notify the changes in writing, notifications made to the address, number, and email address specified here will be considered legally valid and will have all the legal consequences of a valid notification. Napolyon Mezat is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the provided information, changes in address, or failure of notifications to reach the Buyer or delay in delivery due to third-party service providers acting as intermediaries.

  4. If the items offered for sale within the scope of the auction do not possess the declared qualities, do not correspond to the declared origin, have any legal encumbrances, or have been disposed of without the consent of the rightful owner, the legal responsibility for such defects, misrepresentations, and similar legal situations lies with the seller requesting the item's submission for sale. Since Napolyon Mezat acts as an intermediary for the seller, it is not responsible for any defects, misrepresentations, seizures, and similar legal situations.

  5. All visual materials and texts available on our website may not be partially or entirely published/used without written permission from Napolyon Mezat.

  6. We may send informational messages to the email address and mobile phone number you provided during registration. If you do not wish to receive these messages, simply send a message with "SMS CANCEL" or "EMAIL CANCEL" to Additionally, you can activate or deactivate these notifications yourself in the "My Account" section after logging in with your username and password on our website.

  7. The invalidity of any part of the Auction Participation Agreement does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

  8. In case of disputes arising from the Auction Participation Agreement, Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and Execution Offices have jurisdiction.

  9. Buyers who register on our website and sellers who submit items for auction at Napolyon Mezat are considered to have accepted the terms and conditions stated here.